Posted by: nnapolit | June 13, 2011

Air Revo’s & Dirty Guidos

I was a judge at an NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) contest at the Seaside Pier yesterday… was pretty easy money… made 2 days of camp or 3 surf lessons and all I had to do was sit there and put 1.5’s down on a piece of paper.. The waves were good, and the talent in the water was high… the talent on the beach, however, was at the lowest level. A cloudy weekend at the “shore” provided little entertainment aside from the occasional pale inlander dressed like they were going to a pajama party rather the beach… Saw something that resembled a snookie wearing a shirt that said “I ❤ Pauly D”… the heart was colored in a way to portray the I-taly flag… I’m gonna make a shirt that says “Blow-outs for Blow Jobs”… I think it’ll sell, can’t think of a better way to exploit this Jersey Shore fad than to write vulgar phrases on T-shirts and sell em for 15 a pop… Long Island’s trash is my treasure. Especially after a couple over priced beers…

The Burgermeister had the original blow-out

… StayWet;)

Posted by: nnapolit | June 8, 2011

Skate Ventures

As I promised, I have a couple photos from the other days skate sesh. It was pretty fun. This guy Anthony has the bowl in his backyard. It was originally at the skate park in his town, then the town decided to shut the park down and sell the ramps at an auction. Anthony bid 100 bucks and I guess no one else wanted the thing so he got it… the town is fucking retarded… but the bowl couldn’t have gone to a better guy. Anthony was a trip, he even invited us back. The place didn’t kick my ass, but I did wake up quite sore the other morn. Also, attending the trip resulted in an invitation to my friend’s graduation from communications high school. This fella’s a funny guy, a regular Don Juan with the ladies, and quite a good skater. I invited him down to a party tonight at the Panda Palace… That’s my house’s name… Lets hope for his or her sake that no one steals the new shower curtain I bought… I mean it set me back like 8 bucks. I’m going to be doing random searches on anyone I deem suspicious of stealing a shower curtain…

The deep end is 5′ and pretty steep, while the low is 3′ but some-what mellow

Its got some sick lights and is skatable 24/7, unless its raining

I hear he’s single and ready to mingle…. StayWet;)

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Sadface ;(

9’2″ of pure greatness. Never have I had a board last so long in my quiver of sticks. I’ve thought about selling her many times but could never bring myself to do it. I hardly ride her but when I do… well its awesome. So for the last time I took the channin off the rack… put it in my car… and shut the door… and rode off into the sunset… drove down the parkway, and rocked out to Pride and Joy as I pulled up to my destination. The board was bought at an extremely cheap price… off some dumb yuppy, that just thought he’d want to be a surfer… he still probably tells all the chicks he surfs. fuck that and fuck the guy that stole my shower curtain… thats right some dumb ass motherfucker thought it be just so fucking funny to steal a shower curtain. fuck you, but StayWet;)

me and the board driving south

Found it on the bed bath and beyond website for 20 fucking dollars

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In the beginning…

gonna be away for a while, decided to keep in touch via blog rather than the book.

What to expect…. the usual…

And nothing less….. StayWet;)